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Poems by Cuban Fina Garcia Marruz to be Presented in Mexico
2013.02.27 - 15:14:44

Texts by Cuban writer Fina Garcia Marruz, winner of the Iberian-American Reina Sofia Poetry Prize (2011), will be presented on Saturday at the 34th edition of the International Book Fair under way in Mexico until Monday. ... more >>
Jorge Perrugorria and Amor Cronico in Cartagena Film Festival
2013.02.26 - 22:24:31

The Cuban actor Jorge Perugorria will represent his country in Cartagena de Indias Film Festival with his second film as director. “Amor cronico” will be screened out of the contest this February 26. ... more >>
Work by Edwin de Vries donated to Fine Arts Museum
2013.02.26 - 22:21:10

The Suriname Embassy will donate in an official act, a piece by the famous Surinamese painter Erwin De Vries next March 1 at 10am at the Universal Hall at the National Fine Arts Museum. ... more >>
Brooklyn Academy of Music grants recognition to Jose Luis Cortes
2013.02.26 - 22:18:34

The popular musician Jose Luis Cortes “El Tosco” became the first Cuban musician in receiving a recognition from the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM). Mr. Nick Schwartz-Hall, Line Producer gave the diploma on behalf of the institution of New York ... more >>
Given the 2012 National Edition and National Book Design Awards
2013.02.26 - 22:16:30

The 2012 National Edition and Book Design Awards were given at the Nicolas Guillen Hall in La Cabaña to Alfredo Zaldivar and Martha Mosquera by Aida Bahr and Juan Rodriguez, vicepresidents of the Cuban Book Institute, respectively. ... more >>
"New steps" towards new goals
2013.02.22 - 12:40:26

Music students and professors of the ISA University (Higher Institute of Art) created the project "Nuevos Pasos" (New Steps), an idea of teacher Alejandro Mayor and supported by the National Centers of Schools of Art and the Popular Music Center. ... more >>
The alphabet of nature will get to Cuban readers
2013.02.21 - 16:08:11

¨El Abecedario de la naturaleza¨ (The alphabet of nature), by MSc. Lazaro Estenoz Cosme is one of the books to be presented by the Academia Publishing House in the 22nd Cuba International Book Fair, to be held from February 14 to 24 in Havana and until March 10 in the other provinces of the country. ... more >>
Belarusian delegation will attend the Cuba 2013 International Book Fair
2013.02.15 - 11:58:13

A delegation from the Union of Writers of Belarus will attend for the first time the Cuba 2013 International Book Fair, to be held in Havana from February 14 to 24, and it will run through March in the rest of the Cuban provinces. ... more >>
The Mollusks of Luis Hugo Fernandez invade this Cuba International Book Fair
2013.02.14 - 14:13:16

¨Wonders of Zoology¨ and ¨Mollusks I and II.¨ by Luis Hugo Fernandez Ricardo is one of the books to be presented, under the Academia Publishing House in the 22nd Cuba International Book Fair, to be held from February 14 to 24 in Havana. ... more >>
Cuba 2013 International Book Fair is about to kick off
2013.02.13 - 21:45:18

Book lovers will be really delighted due to the celebration, in February, of the Cuba International Book Fair where they will have the greatest opportunity to approach the literary world. ... more >>
Shooting of Cuban-Style Decameron Film Begins
2013.02.11 - 13:28:55

Cuban filmmaker Arturo Sotto began shooting a suggestive Havana version of the Decameron, a proposal that is seen even more sensual that the great work of Boccaccio. ... more >>
Arte y Literatura Publishing House at the International Book Fair Again
2013.02.11 - 13:26:28

With almost forty titles, Arte y Literatura publishing house will participate at the XXII International Book Fair, Cuba 3013. ... more >>

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