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Cuban Film Festival to be Held in Ecuador
2012.08.05 - 20:35:10

The film festival “Cuba: New Millennium” will be held in Ecuador from August 3rd through the 9th. It will include five movies, which will evidence the diversity of themes and genres and also the technical and artistic quality of today’s Cuban cinema. ... more >>
Cuban Literacy Program has Benefitted over 6.5 Million People in 28 Countries
2012.08.03 - 23:33:25

Some 6.5 million citizens in 28 nations are no longer illiterate persons thanks to the Cuban Literacy Program known as “Yes, I Can.” The figure surpasses all statistics reported by other similar programs implemented thus far around the world. ... more >>
Successful Performance of Cuban Ballet in Germany
2012.08.02 - 11:50:09

The Endedans Contemporary Ballet Company of Camaguey province successfully wound up a series of performances in Hamburg, Germany. ... more >>
Amor Crónico Film on Movie Theater
2012.08.02 - 11:47:41

Cuban singer Cucé Diamantes, who was the former singer of the Yerba Bueba band, is playing the main character in the local Amor Crónico film that is the second short film that is directed by the renowned actor Jorge Perugorría. ... more >>
Che’s Diary Proposed as Memory of the World
2012.07.29 - 22:44:35

Che’s Diary has been proposed by Bolivia to be included in the Memory of the World Register, an international initiative that promotes the preservation of and the access to the most important documentary heritage. ... more >>
Correa Thanks Cuba for Support in Literacy Teaching Program
2012.07.29 - 22:43:11

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa thanked Cuba on Saturday for its help in the national literacy teaching program with the Yes I Can method, to free the country from one of the greatest dictatorships: ignorance. ... more >>
Book Dedicated to President Hugo Chavez Presented in Cuba
2012.07.29 - 22:41:44

The book “From Barinas to Miraflores: Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias”, by writer Fernando Diaz, was presented on Saturday in Ciego de Avila, as a present for the 58th birthday of the Venezuelan President. ... more >>
Book on Fidel Castro will be launched in the Dom. Republic
2012.07.28 - 11:49:10

Cuban journalist and writer Katiuska Blanco will soon launch her book on Fidel Castro, titled “Guerrilla of Time” in the Dominican Republic. ... more >>
Cuban Singer Wins Prize at Slavic Festival
2012.07.18 - 18:35:41

Cuban singer Lucelia Roldan received on Tuesday in Minsk the Vladimir Mulyavin Prize, granted by the Byelorussian Culture Ministry to artistic quality, for her interpretation of the piece Vasikovoye Nieva. ... more >>
Exhibition by Young Cuban Painter Inaugurated in Berlin
2012.07.18 - 18:32:41

The exhibition The Secret of Silence, by young Cuban artist Alberto Sautua, was inaugurated on Monday in Berlin, as part of the project Tu y Yo Art, organized by Cuba’s National Fine Arts Council. ... more >>
Meeting on African, Brazilian and Caribbean Cinema Ends in the Dominican Republic
2012.07.18 - 18:31:48

The 2nd meeting of Filmmakers from Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean and its Diasporas (Cinema ABCD), will close its doors on Wednesday in Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, centered on the analysis of the situation of the film industry in the regions represented. ... more >>
Work of Cuban Pianist Frank Fernandez Acknowledged in Panama City
2012.07.14 - 12:23:03

As a tribute to his long and fruitful artistic career as a pianist and composer, Cuban Frank Fernandez was declared a Distinguished Guest of Honor by the town council of Panama City. ... more >>

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