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Book on Fidel Castro will be launched in the Dom. Republic
2012.07.28 - 11:49:10

Cuban journalist and writer Katiuska Blanco will soon launch her book on Fidel Castro, titled “Guerrilla of Time” in the Dominican Republic. ... more >>
Cuban Singer Wins Prize at Slavic Festival
2012.07.18 - 18:35:41

Cuban singer Lucelia Roldan received on Tuesday in Minsk the Vladimir Mulyavin Prize, granted by the Byelorussian Culture Ministry to artistic quality, for her interpretation of the piece Vasikovoye Nieva. ... more >>
Exhibition by Young Cuban Painter Inaugurated in Berlin
2012.07.18 - 18:32:41

The exhibition The Secret of Silence, by young Cuban artist Alberto Sautua, was inaugurated on Monday in Berlin, as part of the project Tu y Yo Art, organized by Cuba’s National Fine Arts Council. ... more >>
Meeting on African, Brazilian and Caribbean Cinema Ends in the Dominican Republic
2012.07.18 - 18:31:48

The 2nd meeting of Filmmakers from Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean and its Diasporas (Cinema ABCD), will close its doors on Wednesday in Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, centered on the analysis of the situation of the film industry in the regions represented. ... more >>
Work of Cuban Pianist Frank Fernandez Acknowledged in Panama City
2012.07.14 - 12:23:03

As a tribute to his long and fruitful artistic career as a pianist and composer, Cuban Frank Fernandez was declared a Distinguished Guest of Honor by the town council of Panama City. ... more >>
Exhibit of Cuban Heritage Sites in Central Cienfuegos
2012.07.13 - 22:05:49

A national photo exhibition marking the 40th anniversary of the UNESCO Convention on World Cultural and Natural Heritage is being displayed at the Provincial Museum of the south-central city of Cienfuegos, as part of its tour of several Cuban towns. ... more >>
Santiago de Cuba’s 32nd Caribbean Festival Comes to a Close
2012.07.10 - 10:31:57

With the traditional Burning of the Devil at La Alameda Park in this city, the 32nd edition of the Caribbean Festival, one of the region’s most important cultural meetings, came to a close on Monday. ... more >>
Cubans Pay Homage to National Poet Nicolas Guillen
2012.07.10 - 10:17:18

A workshop on the work of Cuban National Poet Nicolas Guillen is underway in this eastern Cuban city, where the outstanding poet was born 110 years ago. ... more >>
Viengsay Valdes Dazzles the Dominican Public
2012.07.09 - 20:39:48

Viengsay Valdes, prima ballerina of Cuba’s National Ballet Company (BNC) received standing ovations during her presentation in the 6th Benefit Gala of Dance Stars, held in the Dominican Republic over the weekend. ... more >>
Photo Exhibit about Fidel Castro Opens in Havana
2012.07.06 - 21:39:37

An exhibit of photos and pictorial images of Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro opened at Havana’s ALBA Center on Thursday. ... more >>
Raul Castro salutes outstanding professor of Cuban Dance on his 90th Birthday
2012.06.30 - 10:12:12

Cuban President Raul Castro acknowledged the significant role played by outstanding Cuban dancer and professor Ramiro Guerra in the founding and development of Cuban modern dance. ... more >>
Cuban Students Pay Tribute to Che Guevara and Antonio Maceo
2012.06.14 - 11:54:39

In an action of patriotic and revolutionary eaffirmation, which takes place every year, all Cuban children and youths paid tribute to Cuban-Argentinean guerrilla Ernesto Che Guevara and Independence Hero Antonio Maceo in the anniversary of their birthdays, in every Cuban education center. ... more >>

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