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Cuba and Panama united in art

Published: 2017.03.15 - 16:12:17   /  /  Alicia Soto Smith  /  translated by  Luis E. Amador Dominguez  /

Cuba and Panama united in artThe artists Rafael Villares and Miguel Lombardo, from Cuba and Panama, respectively, started the first stage of the project Programa de conexión internacional 01, a theoretical and practical research whereby both creators stayed until February 22 in the mountainous area of Panama, in direct contact with nature.

In those places, they studied various natural resources - specifically water - that intervene in the landscape, its contribution and use for and by society, says Maylín Pérez Parrado, graduated in History of Art.

In the Republic of Panama, its green areas, rivers and seas are considered to be a source of life not only for the flora and fauna, but also for the inhabitants of the diverse regions, including the capital, Panama City.

Its geographical position allows it to connect South America with Central America through the isthmus, which, in turn, connects the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic and is crossed by the Panama Canal, making possible the passage of large vessels.

Water plays a vital role not only as a natural resource, but also connects man and technology towards the country's socio-economic growth.

The misuse of this important resource can cause great environmental damages, as well as to the communities that inhabit its surroundings, and that benefit from water in order to survive, such is the case of the indigenous populations, to cite an example, says Cuban specialist Pérez Parrado.

In view of this situation, the following questions are posed: Could art suggest a change of perception about the importance of water in terms of its good / bad use? How to propose an awareness of the care that should be given to such a precious natural resource? In what way could Panama be reflected through an artistic proposal that analyzes the current circumstances of water?

In order to answer these questions, Rafael Villares and Miguel Lombardo researched and reflected with the aim of generating initiatives and proposing a work of art (sculpture, installation) based on the results of the study.

From February 22 to 28, they moved to Havana city to analyze and select the possible public spaces in the area of the Historic Center, where the work could be located, culminating in this way the first stage or phase of the "Programa de conexión ...” that has the curatorship of Pérez Parrado.

The second part, with a date to be defined, focuses on the creation and implementation of a piece in the selected site of the old part of the city.

The result of the research will be shown through a unique work of art, which will be related to the theme of water, landscape, flora and fauna, amongst others; and its circumstances through the contemporary language of art, such as the installation, sculpture, photography, video art ... the landscape is (re) interpreted by and for the common good of citizens and the environment.

The art exhibited in public spaces brings interesting strategies of communication with the viewer. The intervention of buildings, squares and parks facilitates the greater interaction between the artist, the work and those who attend the exhibitions.

Cuban Rafael Villares works the landscape theme through macro installations, which are mostly sonorous, establishing a sensorial connection with the public. In his work, the landscape object presents a symbolic-social function.

For his part, the Panamanian artist Miguel Lombardo opts for the representation and / or transformation of the concept of the piece, establishing an existential relationship between what he sees, what he thinks, what he does and the target audience for which he creates. The landscape is a tool of his (re)creation.

This project is an original idea of the Casasola Non-Conventional Art & Design Program.

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