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Discover that amazing Caribbean in an evocative exhibition

Published: 2017.05.08 - 16:17:58   /  /  Miguel Darío García Porto  /  translated by  Luis E. Amador Dominguez  /

Located within the parallels 10 and 23 and the meridians 60 and 85, there are more than fifty islands: the Antilles. The configuration and location of the Caribbean, the heterogeneity of the people who have lived and live on its shores, its varied ethnic texture and interculturality make up a very rich ajiaco (mixture).

The Cuban-Dominican artist Ángel Urrley approaches this multicultural and heterogeneous region, with his exhibition "Caribe alucinante", which is shown during the month of April in the Casa Osvaldo Guayasamín.

The creator presents a proposal where the vision of both urban and islander are recurrent elements in his works of varied formats. His works have a concern for accuracy and cleanliness where topographical elements are present, and this translates into communicative and reflexive models regarding individuals and their experiences in a state of insularity.

"The idea of making this exhibition occurred a year ago and ¨Caribe alucinante¨ is the title of one of my pieces - explains Angel Urrley - , it is a section of the map of Santo Domingo where you can see a part of the Caribbean, and in that section that is shown in the work, there is a whale piercing it with buildings inside; it is the real place where the government projected the construction of an artificial island, but they have not talked about it for a long time. I also made a text to this piece that is called ¨Caribe alucinante¨, which I pasted on the walls of the gallery."

The exhibition is a meeting of Angel Urrley with the Cuban public, since for many years he has resided permanently in the Dominican Republic and, for that reason: "there are pieces from 2007 up to the present time and on the proposal of the curator I brought to Cuba the winning works in The National Biennial of Visual Arts in Santo Domingo in the 2007 and 2013 editions, and they are those that are inspired by maps and cities.

Although works of more recent production also form part of the exhibition, such as the series "175 lunas en la cara del cuerpo", in which the artist is still involved.

"It is a series that I started in 2014 when I had been in the Dominican Republic for 175 months, and I have made many diaries there, I have more than 24 illustrated diaries and in those confessions there were ideas that had never been brought to light, due to my own opinions, and I said to myself: 'Based on the diaries I am going to find the pieces that have never seen the light and so each one represents a month', and then I took pictures of that series and brought 16 works.’’

The artist Ángel Urrley won the National Biennial of Visual Arts in Santo Domingo in 2007 and 2013. In both editions he obtained the award with works that refer to Cuba and, as he confesses: "the first one is called ¨Enlatado de aguas territoriales¨ because of the Martínez Pedro series, and it is a large format piece that is currently part of the collection of the Museum of Modern Art of Santo Domingo. That of 2013 I won it with the piece ¨Deforestación de la jungla a la botánica¨, in which I refer to Wifredo Lam since it was at that moment 70 years since that great artist had painted his emblematic picture ¨La jungla¨. I invoked Cuban artists in the two awards I have won in Santo Domingo."

About his influences, he explains that he feeds on various sources, since he studies the symbols a lot, and performs social research, and although he recognizes the imprint left by several artists in him, he points out that he has no specific preference, but he is influenced by the magical realism of that amazing Caribbean.

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