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Diversity and excellence at the 13th Annual Chamber Music Festival, Cuba 2017

Published: 2017.04.19 - 12:43:03   /  /  Edelvis López Zaldívar  /  translated by  Luis E. Amador Dominguez  /

The confluence of several generations of performers, and diversity in repertoires and instrumental formats, will define the thirteenth annual edition of the Chamber Music Festival, which will take place between April 25 and 29 in various stages in Havana.

Presided over by the pianist, composer, record producer and pedagogue Frank Fernández, the event will include on this occasion a greater participation of artists, even with foreign transcendence from Russia, Costa Rica, Peru, the United States and Germany.

The Rachmaninov Trio, Russia, Cello Caprichoso, Germany and the young winners of the Ravinia’s Steans Music Institute from the United States will perform once again in Cuba. Meanwhile, the Peruvian Lopera Duo and the tica Syntagma Musicum group will take Havana stages for the first time.

Madelaine Masses, who is the director of the National Center for Concert Music, reported in a press conference that there would be 17 concerts in the Basílica Menor del Convento de San Francisco de Asís, the San Felipe Neri Oratorio, the Victor Hugo House and the Church of Paula; all these venues are in the Historic Center of Havana. There will also be performances in the Theater Room of the Cuban Art Building and the Hemicycle of the Universal Art Building; both of them are part of the National Museum of Fine Arts.

Some thirty instrumentalists (duets, trio, quartets, quintets and ensembles) will participate in the presentations, which will also include guests from other provinces. Amongst them are the renowned Arsis Saxophone Quintet from Pinar del Río, the Orquesta de Cámara Concierto Sur de Cienfuegos and the Villa Clara Dúo Expresión.

Maestro Alfredo Muñoz, who chairs the Chamber Music Development Program, explained that he would dedicate the edition to the Grupo de Renovación Musical on the 75th anniversary of its founding and the birth of the great composer, instrumentalist and Brazilian conductor Heitor Villa Lobos.

Concerning the tributes, a symposium will be held by specialists from the Center for Research and Development of Cuban Music (CIDMUC), at the Fine Arts Chamber on April 26, from 10:00 am to 1:00 p.m. in order to highlight the contributions of the group of teachers led by José Ardévol.

Other academic actions - in the same scenario - will be the lecture given by the Russian cellist Natalia Savinova, on April 28, and the exchange between the String Quartet of the Ravinia Institute Laureates and the Crisantemi Quartet of the University of Arts of Cuba, on the next day.

Several programs of excellence with Latin American, North American and European repertoires will animate the shows, in which teachers dedicated to the genre will take part, in communion with the new artists.

The Promúsica, Ondina, and Dꞌaccord duets, maestro Frank Fernández, the Camerata Romeu, Eterna Música, Sonantas Habaneras, Solistas de La Habana, just to mention a few, will alternate with the Lecuona and Móviles Trios, and other young people who have decided to enjoy chamber music.

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