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Exhibition by Moisés Finalé: an invitation to levitate in Havana

Published: 2016.12.28 - 14:23:43   /  /  Miguel Darío García Porto  /  translated by  Luis E. Amador Dominguez  /

Exhibition by Moisés Finalé: an invitation to levitate in HavanaMoisés Finalé proposes a look at the near past and the present of his work, with his most recent exhibition entitled ‘Levitation’ that is exhibited at the Orígenes Galería, which is part of the Cuban Fund of Cultural Property, and that will be open to the public until Sunday, January 23.

The exhibition includes large format canvases from the series "Turista cubano" (2010) and "Los silencios no existen" (2015), making use of fabrics, acrylics, sequins, metals, and an amalgam of shades amongst which stand out red, yellow, white and black.

From its unusual title, the proposal of this well-known creator invites one to levitate, but an approach to the pieces tells us that it is a dreamlike pleasure, with the feet on the ground, detecting the transcendent imprint, the sonorous silence and the incessant rain.

The pictures present elements that have identified Finalé: the constituent figurations of his imagination, the universe of signs that combines the mythological with the earthly, the Cuban with the universal and the use of extra-pictorial elements.

To re-encounter with the proposal of this Cuban artist from the 80’s allows us to recognize the coherence of his evolution, and perhaps even discover the road towards a more luminous and pleasant stage of creation, since he already knows of the dominion that he has of his trade and, for this reason, he recreates and delights himself in this sublime levitation.

Some critics describe the display as a journey through the visual creation of Finalé, and specify that it summarizes areas of previous works, however, it is a different work because Moisés Finalé always surprises us by keeping his essence, but constantly renewing himself.

"For me, the name of the exhibition, the title, is a very important thing," affirms Moses, "every artistic proposal of mine (from the beginning of my career in the 80's to the present time) must be different, I am not a painter who paints for doing it, I am an artist who seeks a pretext, a reason, a motivation and seeks a title for his exhibition, and from there comes this story of levitation, as the pictures are in that state.’’

The intellectual reveals that for him the title of the show is primordial and like the previous ones it was born of a painting that a certain moment it was titled that way and, in this case, it is a work that he did several years ago.

"In the work ‘Levitación’ appears some sculptures that are two-dimensional works and are levitating, there are no support points, they are in the air, and when reflecting on that and the situation in which I was as an artist, I also intended to create this artistic offering, and the exhibition goes down those paths," says the creator.

Exhibition by Moisés Finalé: an invitation to levitate in HavanaThis levitation is evidence of an inheritance, a permanent visitation of all those plots or cultural frameworks to which the visual artist is heir, "The proposal is totally new, you will not find a Finalé that is repeated in an exhibition, I always have a commitment with the public," he emphasizes.

This figurative painter "who responds to trends and contemporary pictorial movements," as he has stated, is one of the primordial figures of the so-called boom of the 80s, which is an important period of formal and conceptual transition experienced by Cuban art.

Born in Cárdenas, Matanzas, in 1957, he studied at the Escuela Provincial de Arte de Matanzas in 1972, after completing these courses he continued studying at the National School of Art (ENA), and then graduated at the University of the Arts in 1984.

His exhibition work consists of more than thirty personal and collective exhibitions, amongst which are: ‘Pinturas y Dibujos’ (1981) at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Havana, ‘Lenguaje natural’ (1983) at the Amelia Peláez Gallery in the Lenin Park in Havana, ‘Formas escondidas’ (1986) at the Centro Provincial de Artes Plásticas y Diseño de La Habana and ‘La mirada del otro’ (1992) at the Virginia Miller Gallery in Miami, and Espace Odéon in Paris, amongst others.

His works have been exhibited in relevant forums of the visual arts all over the world such as Germany, Italy, Brazil, Spain, France, Mexico, Canada, Lebanon, Switzerland and the United States.

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