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Puertas de Espejo Awards to the writers Enrique Pérez Díaz and Modesto Caballero Ramos

Published: 2017.10.27 - 16:31:52   /  /  MSc. Nora Rodríguez Calzadilla  /  translated by  Enma Santos Pérez  /

The Cuban writers Enrique Pérez Díaz and Modesto Caballero Ramos were distinguished with the 2016 Puertas de Espejo Award awarded by the José Martí National Library of Cuba, BNCJM, to authors who for a year have been the most requested and read in Cuban public libraries.

During the awards ceremony held on the occasion of the National Culture Day, BNCJM Deputy Director, Margarita Bellas Vilariño, Master of Science, pondered the importance of these laurels, which the National Reading Program, directed by the institution, annually awards in order to promote reading and commend the work of living Cuban writers, which have been published in Cuba and are the most requested and read in libraries.

For these purposes, all Cuban public libraries are invited to nominate the most requested authors in their institutions during the year. "Currently, two categories are established for the Award: authors of adult literature and authors of children's literature", emphasizes Bellas Vilariño.

The most read author at the close of 2016, in the category of adult writers was Modesto Caballero Ramos, Bachelor of Criminal Sciences and Lieutenant Colonel of the Ministry of Interior, who is a poet, narrator and multi-award sponsor. This year he receives the Puertas de Espejo Award for his novel "Saravia 105, donde el cielo se ve cuadrado”.

This is the second consecutive time that Caballero Ramos is worthy of the Award. He also received it in 2015 for his work entitled "Sed de sangre."

The Puertas de Espejo for the most read author in 2016 in the category of children’s literature and young people was awarded to Enrique Pérez Díaz who is a narrator, critic, and editor, literary and multilingual researcher, who also rose with the honorable distinction of the BNCJM during the years 2008 and 2015 for his work "Escuelita de los horrores". This time he rises to the great podium of the most read in all public libraries of Cuba during 2016 with his novel "La Dama del Ocaso."

Of the winning works

In “Saravia 105, donde el cielo se ve cuadrado”, its author, Modesto Caballero Ramos exposes the task of the police in resolving an atrocious crime. According to the synopsis of the novel for adults, the writer captivates his readers from the first pages and tempts them to go through the intricacies of the so-called Caso Agua ... There is evidence of the professionalism and consecrations of police fighters in rigorous investigations to clarify the crime; in its beginnings with little evidence, but something interesting happens in the middle of the investigations: evidence of other crimes appeared...

In "La Dama del Ocaso", Enrique Pérez Díaz, who is the author of the interesting novel for young people, tells a lovely story with love conflicts and some enigmas common to everyday life.

In the synopsis of the work, it is noticed that among its pages novelties and pretexts to smile at each dawn survive, beyond the vicissitudes of life.

The work, marked by imagination, mystery and poetry, brings a sobering message, although in it, as in life itself, and also portrays the faces of filth, lies, pain, unjust farewells to the motherland and family, inflexibilities, lack of faith, skepticism, obscurantism; everything is excellently amalgamated by its author, with charm, passion, enigma and adventure.


- Photographs, courtesy of Eddy Rodríguez Garcet, Chief of the Computer Department of the José Martí National Library of Cuba.

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