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Traveling exhibition entitled Cuba en la memoria del mundo

Published: 2017.12.20 - 11:07:59   /  /  MSc. Nora Rodríguez Calzadilla  /  translated by  Luis E. Amador Dominguez  /

Traveling exhibition entitled Cuba en la memoria del mundo

The José Martí National Library of which is the result of the joint work of the Cuban National Commission of UNESCO, its Regional Office of Culture for Latin America and the Caribbean and the National Committee of the World Memory Program.

During the opening ceremony of the exhibition Oscar León González, who is the president of the Cuban Commission of UNESCO; Elena Nápoles, an official of the organization in charge of the Regional Office of Culture for Latin America and the Caribbean, and Dr. Eduardo Torres Cuevas, who is the director of the BNCJM, coincided in pondering the importance of the exhibition that promotes the dissemination of documentary Cuban heritage, with emphasis on the collections or documents inscribed in the Memory of the World.

It is also a purpose for the occasion to pay tribute to the seven decades of relations between Cuba and UNESCO.

After congratulating the institutions and organizers of the traveling exhibition and the selection of the National Library as its first location, Elena Nápoles highlighted the possibility that visitors will have in the same space to find different documents in all their patrimonial wealth. Activities of this nature, she emphasized "have the courage to remind us that documentary heritage is part of the collective memory, therefore it tells us where we come from, where we are going because we are the result of what we once were. In some way that traces the destinies, we are going to face as societies."

Dr. Eduardo Torres Cueva, in his capacity as host of the first venue of the traveling exhibition Cuba en la Memoria del Mundo, thanked the honorable selection of its headquarters, in line with the essence of the work and the daily performances of all the workers and specialists of the BNCJM, the public and provincial libraries in the country, where important documentation is treasured.

In the words of Torres Cuevas: "The National Library is proud of its excellent heritage collections (...) I always think that one thing is history and another is memory. History is there, but memory is that which was known and therefore remembered. The danger is not knowing the history and not having the memory of that history, which goes from the great events to the intimate and everyday life of the families, of the people. Our work will always be the rescue, conservation, and preservation of those stories that go from the most particular to the most universal."

Original Manuscripts by José Martí, books, documents in different formats from our historical leader Fidel Castro, Ernesto Che Guevara, Celia Sánchez Manduley, as well as poets, writers, scientists, historical personalities, cultures, idiosyncrasies of our origins, make up, among other patrimonial riches, this traveling exhibition that will remain open to the public during fifteen days in the gallery of the central aisle of the National Library.

The World Memory Program of UNESCO with national, regional and international registers includes works, collections, and funds of incalculable heritage value. Cuba has three collections included in the International Register, six in the regional and twelve in the national register.

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