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At sunset

Published: 2012.06.27 - 21:04:51   /  /  Pedro A. Fanego Sea

This radio show comments on different Cuban and foreign cultural expressions. This program has the second highest rating in the afternoon hours.


Director: Yasser Hernandez
Locution: Madelyn Ramirez, Yudai Morell and Yailin Gonzalez
Recorder and editor: Roy Avila
Adviser: Lucrecia Rodriguez
Scriptwriter: Yasser Hernandez

Role: Cultural

Main objective: Help expanding the cultural universe of listeners through cultural and artistic topics

Timing: Monday to Friday, from 4:00 to 6:00 PM, Saturdays and Sundays (prerecorded at the same hours)

Live program

Frequency: Daily

At sunset
This radio show comments on different Cuban and foreign cultural expressions. This program has the second highest rating in the afternoon hours. ... more >>
Melodies Album
Music prevails in this space, where listeners’ requests are granted. A few cultural notes, no more than four a day, are introduced. Some are daily and others every second day. ... more >>
Sunrise in your radio
Music prevails in this space. It intersperses brief notes, from four to six lines, of cultural interest. Emphasis is placed in Latin American countries, their music, culture, customs and traditions. ... more >>
A date with Encyclopedia
It approaches topics on the history of music, famous authors and performers. It runs analysis on styles, genres, geographical areas, etc. ... more >>
Tidbits of Knowledge
It broadcasts news on science, technology and environment. The slogan of the program is, "To save endangered species, you also need to save their data". “Tidbits of Knowledge” has won prizes in Cuban Radio Festivals, in the “Caracol” contest of the Cuban Association of Writers and Artists (UNEAC) and at the “Gilberto Caballero” scientific journalism contest, of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA). In 2006, it won a Caribbean Broadcasting Award. ... more >>
Hello Dawn
This radio show encompasses all the elements of the space: music and news of national and international events. It has daily sections and others that alternate, including a space for children: “Learning how to grow”, from Monday to Friday. ... more >>
This radio show approaches everything that has to do with music (anniversaries, authors, genres, Cuban and universal rhythms, soundtracks of movies, etc.). ... more >>
The Intimacy of Silence
Music and entertainment show for night enjoyment of the loyal listeners of Radio Encyclopedia. It airs poems of different national and international authors and introduces a few famous phrases of classic writers. It is characterized by its soft and melodic tone. ... more >>
All the poetry
It disseminates the poetry of authors from all over the world and different generations. It includes poems and information about the life and work of the selected authors. Poetry prevails in this space, accompanied by music and cultural notes. ... more >>
Half an hour with your musician
This show plays the very best in light instrumental music. It features musicians and comments on topics like genres, rhythms, musical instruments, etc. It deals with the life and work of Cuban and foreign players of instrumental music. ... more >>
A place in the air
This recreational space addresses interesting topics on the music played at Radio Encyclopedia, its authors and performers. It also offers the possibility to record our listeners’ favorite melodies. ... more >>
A secret for you
This space combines music with topics dedicated to human improvement. It seeks to change life habits and increase people’s spirituality. ... more >>
Afternoon With you
This show of varied instrumentals helps listeners improve their knowledge of women and family’s cultural universe. ... more >>
Radio Encyclopedia Programming
This radio station broadcasts 14 programs with different purposes and profiles. They are split in four segments, in the morning, afternoon, evening and after midnight. ... more >>
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