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Sesame lowers cholesterol levels
2019.12.04 - 09:12:47

Sesame seeds also known as sesame are very nutritious and bring interesting benefits to our health. It is a perennial plant called Sesamum indicum which is native to Africa and India and belongs to the botanical family Pedaliáceas. ... more >>
Cuba promotes the use of renewable energy sources
2019.11.28 - 20:56:59

The issue is one of the priorities of the organization, which will resume in a meeting of its Board of Directors, in the Hotel Chateau Miramar, due to its importance in the change of the energy matrix. ... more >>
International Convention Protects More Cuban Species
2019.11.25 - 15:36:49

A new group of Cuban animals is among those protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), an expert on the subject said in the capital. ... more >>
Endemic Flora Species Protection Powered in Holguín
2019.11.18 - 10:25:29

The Botanical Garden of the city of Holguín, located on the outskirts of the eastern city and created in 1995, is a reference area where the protection of endemic flora species is promoted through environmental education. ... more >>
Childhood obesity in Cuba: a growing problem
2019.11.07 - 09:34:43

Obesity is now a predominant risk factor worldwide and in the case of Cuba it has become a health problem, in 42 percent of the population, explained Dr. Lilian Valdivia Garcia, head of the nutritional support group of the National Center for Minimum Access Surgery in Havana. ... more >>
Parrotfish and their survival strategies
2019.11.05 - 08:27:31

All play a fundamental role in the equilibrium of the marine ecosystem, since, being herbivorous fish, they scrape the algae to feed themselves and also remove part of the living tissue of the corals and of the calcium carbonate that integrates them, and when depositing their excrement they release with them these residues that contribute to form the sand that is present in our reefs and beaches. ... more >>
Cuba to present advances in research on cancer treatments
2019.10.14 - 09:35:23

Cuban vaccines such as the therapeutic Cimavax-EGF, the first one against lung cancer, will be debated at the 4th International Congress Biomanufacturing Challenges of Immunotherapy (Biomit 2019), to be held from Nov 11-15 in the province of Villa Clara. ... more >>
Cuban scientists suggest measures to address climate change in agriculture
2019.10.08 - 10:31:39

A study by researchers from several institutions in Holguin province has proposed changes in planting patterns in that territory to increase yields in the face of the climate change impact on rainfall, temperature and pests behavior. ... more >>
Cuban banking emphasizes its digital agenda
2019.09.24 - 08:49:50

The Central Bank of Cuba prioritizes the use of digital platforms in payment channels, thus achieving an increase in operations that do not move cash. ... more >>
Yoga in Cuba
2019.08.14 - 14:32:28

Many Cubans benefit from the systematic practice of yoga, a set of physical exercises and meditation schemes. ... more >>
Cuban natural anti-cholesterol drug to be produced in Japan
2019.08.08 - 09:08:56

The natural drug Policonasol (known in Cuba as PPG), which lowers cholesterol and is of great importance in the treatment of ischemic cerebrovascular diseases, will be produced and marketed in Japan. ... more >>
Care for Diabetic patient in Cuba praised
2019.08.02 - 10:03:40

Dr. Ileydis Iglesias Marichal, director of the National Institute of Endocrinology, affirmed in Havana that the success on the National Program of Attention for the Diabetic in Cuba, is a result of early diagnosis and, above all, on the education of the patients on how to deal with this chronic disease. ... more >>

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