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Good practices in changing times: uses and abuses of the mobile phone
2017.09.05 - 15:54:37

The use of mobile phones invades practically all the stages, given their primordial ease of being able to be used both inside and outside the house, in closed spaces, indoors or outdoors, even in moments and places that require concentration and silence, such as stay in theaters, cinemas, hospitals, schools, universities, work meetings, medical consultations and funeral services, to name a few. ... more >>
150 years of the birth of the mother of atomic physics: Marie Curie
2017.08.26 - 12:08:26

150 years after the birth of the well-known "mother of atomic physics", we honor the memory of Marie Curie from the digital pages of Radio Enciclopedia. ... more >>
Maternal Ambrosia
2017.08.17 - 15:18:16

Until well developed in the second half of the twentieth century, there was no comprehensive campaign to raise awareness amongst mothers, families and society about the importance of breastfeeding. The increasing renunciation of this type of feeding to infants led to the mobilization of global health and childhood organizations to increase awareness of the benefits of this substance, and increase the number of mothers who responsibly provide their baby with all the nutrients their body naturally produces. ... more >>
Drugs do not suit anyone: better not start
2017.08.03 - 16:53:03

In today’s world, appearance matters more than essence. It is an almost unquestionable fact if we analyze the panorama of the mass media - real life portrayal and story - with a somewhat critical eye. ... more >>
Cuba, steps of computerization
2017.07.26 - 10:19:13

The computerization of society includes the digitization of the processes amongst which Digital Terrestrial Television stands out as one of the most advanced. ... more >>
Tarea Vida, for more life in the face of climate change
2017.07.10 - 16:01:24

Tarea Vida is a comprehensive proposal that bets on the future and in which we all have our space of contribution. ... more >>
Filippo Pacini, the discoverer of cholera vibrio
2017.06.28 - 11:29:40

Filippo Pacini, the discoverer of the Vibrio of Cholera, did not have a family. He left everything he owned to her two sick sisters. He died poor in Florence, on July 9, 1883. Mankind remembers him today with respect, admiration and gratitude. ... more >>
May 31, World No Tobacco Day
2017.05.31 - 12:11:22

Although it should be observed every day, the World Health Organization points to the last day of May to highlight the importance of rejecting the pernicious smoking habit, which claims too many victims each year, whether active or passive smokers. ... more >>
An emphatic No to drugs: it is better not to start
2017.05.15 - 17:49:20

The danger of drug use increases every day, due to the poor preparation of the target audience of the suppliers for rejection, and its abundant and varied presentation in the world. ... more >>
Juan Cristóbal Gundlach, a Cuban or German scientist
2017.04.05 - 16:24:43

Last March 14 marked 120 years since the death of an eminent scientist, known and recognized in Cuban lands as a national, despite his foreign origin. ... more >>
Emil Adolf von Behring, one hundred years of his transition to eternity
2017.03.28 - 13:03:08

On March 31, this year marks the centenary of the death of Emil Adolf von Behring, a German bacteriologist who received the first Nobel Prize in Physiology-Medicine in 1901, due to a discovery that changed the future of the human species. ... more >>
Who named hurricanes?
2017.02.21 - 11:31:01

Formerly, these natural phenomena were recognized by the year they happened, so it was talked about the cyclone of 1926 or that of 1930, now, as with people, these meteorological phenomena have its own names, but ... who came up with that idea. I will tell you. ... more >>

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