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2017.02.15 - 17:51:28

When we speak of anorexia nervosa, we are referring to a serious, sometimes life-threatening disorder characterized by persistent and voluntary refusal to eat food, marked weight loss and other disorders associated with poor nutrition. In most of these patients, the symptoms are derived from psychological difficulties. ... more >>
2017.01.19 - 13:31:59

With over a hundred years of existence, aspirin remains the most popular drug in history. Every day more than 216 million aspirins are consumed in the world by people who find in them the perfect remedy to calm the pain, to lower the fever or, simply, to feel better. ... more >>
Lightning and lightning bolts
2017.01.06 - 15:23:30

Although they look the same, they are not. Lightning is briefly summarized as an electrostatic discharge into the atmosphere that occurs between two clouds or between a cloud and the Earth’s surface. ... more >>
Rita Levi Montalcini, 30 years of a well-deserved Nobel Prize
2016.11.02 - 12:21:04

In 1986, an Italian scientific won recognition by discovering the Nerve Growth Factor, which is very useful for use to alleviate, delay or minimize neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease, so today research continues, even after the death of its discoverer in 2012. ... more >>
Cuba prepares for the effects of climate change
2016.10.20 - 11:37:45

Dr. Maritza García, president of the Cuban Environmental Agency, highlighted the role of science and the possibilities for action and decisions aimed at disaster risk reduction ... more >>
Breastfeeding: more love
2016.08.26 - 15:05:52

When we decide to become mothers, or when we have an unexpected pregnancy, some do not include the issue of breastfeeding in their maternity project. ... more >>
Obesity: a growing problem
2016.06.03 - 14:01:55

Today experts estimate that 1,500 million adults and 170 million children have problems of obesity and excess weight; however, it seems that these figures, which are far from diminishing, will increase in the coming years. ... more >>
What is ischemic heart disease?
2016.05.05 - 17:35:22

This syndrome leads the list of the main causes of death and social and labor disability in developed countries. Throughout the world 7.2 million people die annually from heart disease and, in general, twelve million die due to cardiovascular diseases. ... more >>
Virtual guardian
2016.04.12 - 16:39:33

The danger of being assaulted when walking at night or running into a small group of people is getting bigger and bigger. Given this unappealing scenario, five students from the University of Michigan created the Companion app. ... more >>
DNA gems
2016.03.30 - 16:08:58

The loved ones are not only present in the heart, but also in jewelry. Iris Gem, which is a Sevillian company, has developed the necessary technology to transform strands of hair into diamonds. ... more >>
A robot in the family
2016.01.29 - 15:37:32

Jibo, a small robot of approximately 28 cms. is the result of one of the most ambitious goals of robotics: to create a machine that can interact with humans. ... more >>

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