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Good practices in changing times: uses and abuses of the mobile phone

Published: 2017.09.05 - 15:54:37   /  /  Alina Iglesias Regueyra  /  translated by  Luis E. Amador Dominguez  /

The mobile phone is undoubtedly an accessory that makes life easier for people, although its high cost, coupled with the payment of lines and constant recharges needed for its operation, prevents us all from enjoying this benefit.

There are many advantages to using them when our children begin to go out alone in their teens, when we have a family member in a hospital or when we have an accident in the street away from home.

However, learning to live with the device without neglecting our education is one of the statements that we must put into practice.

The use of mobile phones invades practically all the stages, given their primordial ease of being able to be used both inside and outside the house, in closed spaces, indoors or outdoors, even in moments and places that require concentration and silence, such as stay in theaters, cinemas, hospitals, schools, universities, work meetings, medical consultations and funeral services, to name a few.

For these reasons, its use must be discreet, when it should not be reserved for the end of certain actions such as classes, conferences, acts, whose protagonists, directors or managers have expressly requested the absence of the device.

It is an accessory that allows us to take photographs and videos, and the consent or not to be photographed or filmed is a personal right of each one, therefore we will take this into account when taking images that involve other people who do not want to appear, whether in the street or in establishments where the mobile phone accompanies us.

Likewise, in the visits that we make or receive, it is good manners to keep it away in order to be able to interact freely with the people who receive us, or if we are the hosts, in the same way we will put aside the mobile phone to fulfill our commitments to the visitors and give them all our attention, whether they are acquaintances, friends or relatives of our inner circle.

The way of speaking in public through the mobile phone is another element that sometimes leaves much to be desired. Screams, obscene comments, swear words, in the middle of the street or spaces of socialization, are very unpleasant for those who pass by or have to remain by force in the surroundings. Whether the communication causes good news or bad news, others are not required to find out what happens. The telephone is still a private means of communication, unless our intention is to offer a reality show in the street, violating the right of privacy, and in this case, we absolutely bother others as perhaps we do not like to be bothered.

When we are in the middle of a group or in the company of another person, and we have to take special care of the phone, it is healthy to ask permission or offer an apology when interrupting the conversation that we maintain, as well as withdrawing at a short distance and finishing as soon possible. It does not look good that our companions (or we, if we were in the place of the spectators) ask for explanations about the call, unless they are aware of some serious pending issue on which they think they could help the one who has been called.

Just as traditional telephone communication has its standards of education such as the greeting, the polite question of the person with whom we need to talk, gratitude and farewell, the relationship between speakers through the mobile phone needs guidelines that allow us to keep good education and respectful manners. Its handling in all kinds of contexts does not make it less honorable than its predecessor. Think of the mobile phone as an effective ally but also as a medium where our formation manifests itself to an interlocutor who deserves the same respect as we do, despite being away from home.

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