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Intelligence and talent at the service of Cuban science

Published: 2018.01.30 - 17:09:28   /  /  Ana Rosa Perdomo Sangermés  /  translated by  Luis E. Amador Dominguez  /

Intelligence and talent at the service of Cuban scienceEvery January 15th, since the year in which it was instituted, the Cuban Science Day is celebrated with satisfaction and pride. Recalling the strategic vision of the historical leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, expressed 30 years earlier, when with early clarity he pointed out the destinies of his people in this matter: "The future of our country must necessarily be a future of men of science, it must be a future of men of thought, because it is precisely what we are sowing the most; what we are planting most are opportunities for intelligence."

This human culture was fruitful for almost six decades of the Revolution, also counting on an investment process in the country and a good harvest of intelligence and talent, which started from the premise of forming brilliant scientists who accumulated knowledge to use them for the benefit of the people and humanity.

In the case of Cuba, scientific and technological development has never been solely in the hands of scientists, it is not exclusive to researchers with scientific categories and other professionals, but it is a stimulating occasion that also certifies and commits many specialists, technicians, innovators, workers and entire groups full of initiatives and desires to contribute to development in their respective sectors, as unconditional accomplices of their own and better solutions.

There is hardly a sphere today that can grow and be efficient, without incorporating the most advanced technology, science and technology to its productive results and without facing the problems with a scientific will to transform them. The movement of the Brigadas Técnicas Juveniles, the ANIR and the Forum of Science and Technology also contributes a lot to this, which with a broad participation of young people consolidate and broaden the work, with the introduction and generalization of the most relevant experiences in each sphere.

Contrary to what has been happening in many parts of the world, Cuba has made and continues to make appropriate and creative use of the advances of world science for the benefit of its people and environment, original scientific results are shown with integrity, including worldwide results, and a unique and successful model of scientific development.

It is strategic that the Cuban scientific community continues to renew the capacities reached, emphasizing the priority and integral attention to all the human resources of the sector, with the purpose of achieving greater retention, results and productivity, and thus contributing to a greater effectiveness and sustainability, as well as the impacts on the economic and social development of the country.

In 1991, during the VI Annual Forum of Science and Technology Fidel affirmed: "What we have in the future, we have to create it ourselves, we have to conquer it with our arms, sweat and intelligence. We can do a lot and go very far, because we have what others do not have: the amount of talent accumulated in our society, the amount of intelligence developed. With what we have, we can achieve what we want."

The attention and priority given by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro to these issues should constitute a commitment so that science, technology and innovation in the country continue to be factors that, in a relevant way, can accompany the other sectors of the economy and society in the struggle that the leadership of the Revolution has convoked, in order to build a prosperous and sustainable socialism, which is essential and much deserved by the Cuban people.

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