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The UCI, a university of the future

Published: 2017.12.27 - 15:54:28   /  /  Dra. Ana Teresa Badía Valdés  /  translated by  Luis E. Amador Dominguez  /

The UCI, a university of the futureThis December is the 15th anniversary of the creation of the University of Information Sciences (UCI).

In March 2002, at a meeting of the Battle of Ideas Task Force, the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro anticipated ideas about the students that would be selected: "(...) we must give them another treatment, another education". Later he said, "It seems to me that it is the most revolutionary thing that we have invented, (...) and most revolutionary (...). It is the most important thing, in my opinion, the most revolutionary within all the changes". (1)

Fidel conceived it as "a newer, more universal, more creative university". "In my opinion, that school must be characterized by the great variety of ways of teaching, of preparing." Other meetings came and it was on December 12, in the visit he made to the center with the American journalist Andrea Mitchell, when he decided talking again about the importance of the students and the center.

Today there are the UCI computer products in more than 130 institutions in the country. Its graduates make up 52% of the graduates of Computer Science, and until the last course, 14,458 professionals graduated from there. At present, this institution occupies important places among the most collaborating Spanish-American universities, with national and international entities and it is among the most committed to the use of free software.

In addition to Computer Science Engineering, in this academic year the study of Engineering in Bioinformatics began, a branch that will be consolidated in the coming years.

A future institution with more than 60% of the students incorporated into software projects in sectors such as education, health, sports, government online, Free Software, web sites and portals, multimedia products and others. His prestige has earned him spaces in international appointments such as the World Summits of the Information Society, convened by the International Telecommunications Association (ITU). In 2015, it received the international quality certification of the production process that it carries out in the development of software, a condition that placed it at the center in the first of its kind in Cuba to receive that qualification.

Recently the UCI hosted the XIV School in Instrumentation and Detectors in the Physics of Elementary Particles (ICFA, as abbreviated in English), made in the largest of the Antilles for the first time. The ICFA Schools in Instrumentation and Detectors in Elementary Particle Physics began in 1987 at the International Center for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy, to discuss the development of radiation detector technologies.

Moreover, as last minute news the UCI received a few hours ago the approval as Technological Science Park (PCT) by the International Association of Technology Parks (IASP, as abbreviated in English). It is the first Cuban institution to hold that category.


1- The UCI website was used as a source (

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