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A station for every moments of life

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A station for every moments of life
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Héctor Quintero Lives on at the Top of Cuban Playwriting

A decade has passed since the physical disappearance of the outstanding Cuban artist and playwright Héctor Quintero Viera, whose work transcends and maintains a direct influence on the enrichment of Cuban theater.

The El Templete, a jewel of Cuban colonial architecture

On the eve of every 16th November - the date of the founding of the Villa de San Cristóbal de La Habana - at around midnight, Havana residents congregate around the El Templete to line up in a long queue to enter its courtyard, the inner courtyard of the building where a ceiba tree stands, which they walk around three times and make a wish.

A passionate and innovative ceramist, Josiah Wedgwood

The work of the most illustrious English ceramist of all times, Josiah Wedgwood, can be seen in the most recent virtual exhibition of the National Museum of Decorative Arts of Cuba, on its Facebook page.

The Montecristi Manifesto, Instructive and Extraordinarily Relevant

The Cuban Revolutionary Party to Cuba is the title that heads the program of the Revolution, signed by José Martí and Máximo Gómez on 25 March 1895, and recorded in history as the Manifesto of Montecristi, which sets out the foundations, aims and objectives - including the most far-reaching ones - of the necessary war that had just begun.

The Exquisite Poetics of Imitating Life through Art

The personal exhibition Imitación a la vida, by the visual artist Luis Gómez Armenteros, which is currently being exhibited on the digital platforms of Galería Habana, is an excellent invitation.

Thirteen Cuban Intellectuals Committed to the Destiny of the Homeland

A crucial event in the Cuba history occurred exactly 98 years ago today, when on 18 March 1923 a group of Cuban intellectuals staged the historic Protest of the Thirteen.

Infusions Served with Art from The National Museum of Decorative Arts

The virtual exhibition Infusiones servidas con arte (Infusions served with art), which the Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas de La Habana proposes on its Facebook page, allows us to approach the most diverse designs that have been made for tea or coffee services during the 18th to 20th centuries.

Frank Fernández: Virtuosity and Versatility

Just listening to a few chords of his exquisite music unleashes the most diverse emotions, because it is always impregnated with that lyricism that only the sensitivity of his inspiration promotes from the deep and intimate expression of his feelings, and no further introduction is needed, just to recognize that this is the outstanding musician and pianist Frank Fernández Tamayo.

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