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Jose Marti: Relaunch of the War of Independence

Today we recall the events that led to the second war of independence in Cuba; a date which has been recorded in Cuban History as the Baire Outcry.

Herb Alpert and Modern Culture

Use your imagination. That seems to be the mantra that has driven US trumpet player and composer Herb Alpert’s career (b.1935), combined with talent and dedication. His music is representative of contemporary life, of modern culture.

I Wish I Had Taken Those Pictures

Some times we do not have a camera at hand to take pictures of situations and places which have caught our eye.

Caring for Pets on a Balcony with Chary

The world that surrounds us provides the first impressions on the minds of children. They watch in awe the fluttering of a butterfly, the bright colors of birds, and the playful jumps of kittens and puppies.

The Butterflies of the Hero

Cuba in Its Butterflies is the title of an exhibit displayed at Cuba’s National Museum of Natural History last September, made up of 25 drawings by Antonio Guerrero, one of the Five Cuban Heroes unfairly held in US prisons since 1998.

Counter Revolutionary Armed Groups Spread Terror in Cuba

One of the achievements of the Cuban Revolution of 1959, regarding social justice, was to provide universal access to education.

La Piscina, a Risky Proposal with an Unusual Language

Most Cuban moviegoers, being accustomed to the fast pace of Hollywood films and irreverent work of Cuban filmmakers, may feel that “La Piscina” (the pool) is one of those films where nothing happens.

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