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Young people from the Cuban Artistic Education will Stage Performances at the National Theater of Cuba

In June 2022, on the 60th anniversary of the creation of the Escuela Nacional de Arte (ENA), a similar event was held in the Sala Covarrubias of the theater itself. Now, a young generation of artists returns to the stage to represent their educational institutions located in different provinces of Cuba from Havana

Better communication for a better society

Communication is the process that articulates those activities related to data flows, messages, and meanings, where the sender and receiver constantly exchange roles, and increasingly so, in the midst of the influences of digital convergence

Celebrating 97 years of the First Communist Party of Cuba

Carlos Baliño and Julio Antonio Mella had the merit of being the guides of the heroic journey which, in the 1920s, burst with revolutionary fire into the bleak Cuban landscape

The Itinerary of a Cuban Woman at the International Poetry Festival of MedellĂ­n

The Cuban Giselle LucĂ­a Navarro Delgado arrived in Colombia in July 2022 to share the best of her work with people from various regions of the world. The XXXII International Poetry Festival of MedellĂ­n convened and she decided to make her contributions to the thematic line World Peace, Peace with Nature

Cienfuegos: Heritage City, its History and Curiosities

Much has been written about the town of Fernandina de Jagua, dreamed, planned, and founded on April 22, 1819, by French descendants, but under the rule of the Spanish Crown, a fact that summarizes the virtues advocated by the French Revolution and the Enlightenment under a neoclassical appearance

Martí and Gómez’s Landing: Arriving in the Homeland even in a Nutshell

José Martí, the delegate of the Cuban Revolutionary Party, arrived at Playitas de Cajobabo, in the east of the country, on April 11, 1895, in the midst of a storm

Female Talent in the Field of Business Entrepreneurship

The workshop, which showcased female talent in the field of business entrepreneurship, brought together women from various sectors, both Cuban and foreign, who exchanged experiences in panels, training activities and meetings to generate synergies, with the participation of experts in market trends, generation of business connections, and training and project development

Manuel Sanguily: We Fight for Life, Not for Death

Sanguily, who was born on March 26, 1848, on Obrapía Street in Havana, reached the rank of colonel in the war, in which he fought alongside distinguished leaders of the Liberation Army, such as Ignacio Agramonte, Máximo Gómez, Antonio Maceo and his own brother Julio Sanguily. He took part in more than 50 military actions and stood out in more than a few important and violent ones, such as those of La Sacra, Palo Seco and Las Guásimas

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