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The Montecristi Manifesto: An Eternal Call for Unity

"Steel responds to steel, and friendship to friendship". This phrase, which reveals a determination to fight for justice, is from the Manifesto of the Cuban Revolutionary Party, signed on March 25, 1895 in Montecristi, a small town on the northwest coast of the Dominican Republic, by the General-in-Chief of the Liberation Army Máximo Gómez, and José Martí, a delegate of that party

Poetics and creative worlds of the group exhibition Islas

The poetics and creative worlds of 34 Cuban artists made possible the collective exhibition Islas, which was shown in the gallery of the Centro Experimental de las Artes Visuales José Antonio Díaz Peláez, as part of the program of the 14th Havana Biennial.

Immersive technologies, variety and possibilities

There are technologies that offer different ways of combining the digital world with reality at various levels of immersion.

Ibrahim Ferrer, the Sonero of Late and Everlasting Success

He reached a pinnacle of fame with his work in the Buena Vista Social Club Orchestra, where his eponymous CD was released in 1997 and recognized with a Grammy Award.

Variations and changes in climate

The term climate variability refers to the temporal variations that occur in climate and is measured by the deviations of the values of climate elements, over a given time period in relation to long-term climate statistics, called climate anomalies.

Olga Alonso and the Need to Convey Art

Perhaps Olga Alonso (1945-1964) never imagined the creative and humanist work that would inspire her total dedication to the art of teaching in Cuba.

Ciro Bianchi: The Gift of Dialogue and Words

His book of interviews Palabras rencontradas was awarded the Premio del Lector in 2019, a recognition that is made possible by the public once they buy at least seventy percent of the number of copies that are printed at first.

Soprano Yelen Montero Walks in Search of Emotions and Caressing the Heart (+Video)

With a warm voice, a truthful performance, and an incomparable charm, walks the young Cuban soprano Yelen Montero, who - last December - made her official debut in the role of Musetta, in the opera La Bohème, by Giacomo Puccini, at the Palau de la Música Catalana, with remarkable acclaim and achieving that rare unanimity among the public and the specialized critics.

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