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A Breath of Hope in a New Exhibition at Collage Habana

Published: 2021.09.14 - 16:18:53  /  /  Miguel Darío García Porto

A Breath of Hope in a New Exhibition at Collage Habana

A breath of hope - amid the difficult current scenario marked by the COVID-19 pandemic - is the two-person exhibition Aliento, by the visual artist Zaida del Río and her son Cristhian González-Téllez del Río, which opened this Friday, 10 September, at the Collage Habana Gallery. 

The exhibition gravitates around bodies from the same galaxy that gives life to a possible planet called Aliento and, in each piece, we discover in an impressive world dreams and realities that give meaning to the life of the human being and are an expression that art also saves and heals the soul and the body. 

 According to the note published by the outstanding critic and curator Virginia Alberdi, the present exhibition is proof that "life resurfaces and art brings to the surface the best of people, the hours of confinement become the result of the purest art and lead to an audience eager to breathe these renewing breaths." 

 Until the end of November, the Collage Habana Gallery of the Fondo Cubano de Bienes Culturales will host this creative implosion that confirms the fecundity of the already prolonged period of truce between the exhibition circuits, creators, and their public.

  This two-person work brings together the indispensable signature in Cuban art of Zaida del Río, who has deserved the National Prize for Plastic Arts for many years, and that of her son, the painter Cristhian González-Téllez del Río, a young man who on his own merits is treading a path "already endorsed by a production that has been maturing over the last few years, with marked difference [...].''

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