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Admire the Elegance of the Female Figure in Mario Freixas’ New Collection (+Video)

Published: 2021.10.16 - 12:29:43  /  /  Miguel Darío García Porto

Elegance and beauty in women's dresses, along with comfortable design, are the hallmarks of the new collection "De puro blanco", by Cuban designer Mario Freixas, which is currently on display on digital platforms of the National Museum of Decorative Arts in Havana. 

In this collection - inaugurated on the occasion of the Day for Cuban Culture - the clothes are made to organically imbue tropical elegance with practical designs, providing a fresh air of modernity and good dressing set in different places of Havana museum. 

Such creations were devised by Freixas thinking of various options suitable for the constant high temperatures of the tropics, however, it is also a perennial need in the creator to maintain the elegance and beauty of the female figure in each of the designs. 

When enjoying each presentation, we can see that there are dresses, shirt dresses, jumpsuits with a blouse, dresses made up of a blouse and a skirt, among other options. 

Cotton, satin, organza, poly silk, linen, and sheer tunic are used in the pieces; all of this gives each piece a delicacy, extraordinary charm and, at the same time, allows it to be practical and comfortable for women. 

These new Freixas' fashion creations were worn by models Ayemay Leyva, Glenda Oviedo, and Yolanda Amesiga, who showed off their skills in some of the most iconic rooms of the institution, as well as in its lavish Italian marble staircase with French handrail.

With this work, Mario Freixas presents us with a collection marked by the Cuban character, the taste for the good dress and demonstrates the prestige that the female figure must have in the society of all times. 

The location used to exhibit this collection is significant in this exhibition, the ideal space being the National Museum of Decorative Arts, formerly the Gómez Mena mansion, a place that became popular as a result of the great parties, banquets, and receptions organized by the widowed Countess of Revilla de Camargo, Doña María Luisa Gómez Mena.

 At this stage, the three beautiful Cuban models display a high professional level, exhibiting excellent creations that contrast with their jet-black skin tone and curly hair. 

All these qualities make the collection "De puro blanco" by the renowned Cuban designer Mario Freixas, an unmissable option for fashion lovers and for those women who wish to combine elegance with comfort.

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