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Prestigious European Publication Recognizes the Performing Excellence of the Hemisphaeria Trio

Published: 2021.02.25 - 12:06:51  /  /  Miguel Darío García Porto

The album Songs of Nature and Farewell by the Hemisphaeria Trio, featuring Cuban pianist Marcos Madrigal with Italian soprano Damiana Mizzi and fellow Cuban cellist Roberto Mansueto, was recognized by the prestigious Italian specialist magazine Musica.

The publication rated the album this February with one of its valuable "Five Stars of the Month" for the ensemble's performing excellence.

This evaluation is issued every month and endorses before the public and critics records produced by ensembles and soloists in the world of classical music.

According to the critic Emanuele Amoroso in the pages of Musica, the album - under the Casa Da Vinci Publishing label - is an intelligent, refined and careful selection of their repertoire and has an original format.

He adds: "it offers ideas and musical curiosities in a territory rich in potential, refinements and discoveries."

In addition, the specialist highlights the marvelous blending between the singing and the instrumental performance of Maurice Ravel's works, which achieves notable benefits for all involved, as each musician follows his own inspiration, distilled in a union that "turns out to be miraculous."

Likewise, Emanuele Amoroso estimates the rest of the performances in Songs of Nature and Farewell, from the concepts assumed by the Hemisphaeria Trio, pondering "the intelligent timbre and rhythmic search" and the range of expressiveness with which the performances of the pieces composed by James Francis Brown and Liana Alexandra are resolved.

In statements to the press, the Cuban pianist Marcos Madrigal said of the material: "The fact that it is an atypical trio in its composition, that is to say, made up of a soprano, a cellist and a pianist; the repertoire is much smaller and more complex, and this leads to the creation of an album that is conceptually valid and at the same time somewhat more complex."

In its development, many months of conceptual work went into the final selection of the repertoire, followed by considerable time for rehearsals.

"The actual recording time was much shorter and reduced because in two and a half sessions we had to do the whole recording of Songs of Nature and Farewell. Then the whole post-production process began; a process that is also cumbersome and time-consuming. That's why the production of a new album can take years," said the well-known performer.

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