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The Biennial Identity returns

Published: 2021.09.15 - 18:14:20  /  /  Maritza Mariana

The Biennial Identity returns

The Biennial Identity, dedicated to the late poet, visual artist, and cultural promoter Ada Elba Pérez, will take place from 16 to 20 September, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of her birth. 

 This event will be held virtually on the Telegram channel of the Casa de la Poesía (ía) and its group La Casa del Aire (, and on the institution's Facebook profile (Casa de la Poesía de La Habana, Cuba) and Instagram pages. 

 The invitation of the Historian's Office of Havana will be the 12th biennial in 2019 and include gatherings, recitals, theoretical panels, cultural exchanges with children and adolescents, book presentations (eBook), and workshops, among other cultural activities. 

 Each meeting will be dedicated to different themes related to the artistic and literary work dealt with by Ada Elba: poetry, children's creation, plastic arts, music, and cultural promotion. 

 The young writer (Sanctí Spíritus, 20-9-1961 / Havana, 14-7-1992) worked in various literary genres: poetry, short stories, novels, testimony, and literary criticism. Her creative sensitivity made her a figure akin to the artistic concerns of poets, painters, musical performers, storytellers, and people who respect and remember her. 

 The Casa de la Poesía, of the City of Havana Historian's Office, was founded 24 years ago on 63 Muralla Street, and since 10 November 2016 has had its headquarters in the majestic Palacio del Marqués de Arcos, where the Liceo Artístico y Literario de La Habana used to be, at 16 Mercaderes Street. 

 It is a cultural center that promotes Cuban and universal poetic creation, sui generis in the nation's cultural panorama. Many identify this institution as a temple of the spirit of House of Dreams. Its library specializing in poetry bears the name of Ada Elba Pérez.

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