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Tribute to the Luminous Life Of Cintio Vitier on His 100th Birthday

Published: 2021.09.15 - 18:30:26  /  /  Miguel Darío García Porto

Tribute to the Luminous Life Of Cintio Vitier on His 100th Birthday

The day of tribute to the remarkable Cuban poet, storyteller, essayist, and critic Cintio Vitier - whose birth centenary will be celebrated on 25 September - includes an extensive program of literary activities, reflection panels, and a special concert.  

 "We have put together a broad and ambitious program, and have a group of important activities that will begin on the eve of this date," Cuban musician and son of Cintio Vitier, the maestro José María Vitier García-Marruz, told the national press. 

 Among these activities, the one scheduled for Thursday 23 September at the Centro de Estudios Martianos (CEM) - an institution that Cintio presided over until his death - will include a panel discussion on his work, with the participation of leading specialists and researchers. 

In addition, Vitier García-Marruz pointed out that on 24 September, at 11 a.m., at the José Martí National Library (BNJM), there will be a tribute with limited seating capacity due to the conditions of the pandemic, in which the first issue of the BNJM's National Magazine dedicated to the memory of his father will be presented. 

 On the same day, in the same space, a bibliographical exhibition dedicated to Cintio's work will be opened and two commemorative plaques will be unveiled: one in the Martí Room and the other in the Vitier García-Marruz cubicle, where both intellectuals worked for years.   

 The artist stressed that on the 25th, the date of the centenary itself, two classic titles by Cintio Vitier will be presented at 9 a.m. at the Cátedra Martiana of the Manuel Fajardo University of Physical Culture and Sport: Lo cubano en la poesía, by Ediciones Unión, and Ese sol del mundo moral, by Ediciones Bachiller of the National Library. 

"These are two well-known, essential books, but they are always eagerly awaited and sell out immediately when they are made available to the public," added the renowned pianist. 

 On the intentions that mark this celebration, he emphasized that the centenary has not been conceived as a specific date, but rather as a journey that extends through November and December. 

 In this regard, a very special activity is scheduled for 3 November with the premiere of the work Habana Concerto, by José María Vitier García-Marruz himself, whose premiere has been postponed due to the epidemiological situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

 "It is a piece for the 500th anniversary of Havana and is an orchestral suite with three soloists. It has a special dedication to Eusebio Leal in his lifetime and, now, with a more intense desire for his posthumous memory. It will also be dedicated to my father on his centenary. In this concert, which will be the world premiere of the work, one of the soloists will use my father's violin", concluded the maestro.

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