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Radio Enciclopedia station was created on November 7th, 1962 and ever since it has been among the most popular stations of the nation. It is significant its contribution to both the Cuban culture and the battle of ideas that has long been waged by our people on a daily basis.

The Radio Enciclopedia station has also been a significant help given the cultural, scientific and spiritual knowledge it has spread.

The achievements obtained by the station’s workers have granted it the Quality Award and the National Efficiency category during three years in a row, so far.

A look into the history of the radio station

The most popular instrumental tunes have already a place in our website. Visit us and enjoy the instrumental tunes we daily offer along with their performers and world-class composers.

Radio Enciclopedia: The station for all times of life.

The station began broadcasting with its current name on November 7th, 1962 with a different radio proposal given its instrumental and light music.

At first, the station’s musical production was carried out by using pieces of instrumental tunes from hits that were then sung such as the ones entitled El Hombre del brazo de oro, Villa quieta, La muchacha de la valija, Marea baja and Bailando a través de los añs, respectively.

In its early period, the station used to broadcast during 17 hours and some of its first voices at that time included those by Moreno de Ayala, Héctor Fraga and Aida Marero, among others.

According to announcer Moreno de Ayala, the station was then located at the INRA building that is the present-day Armed Forces Ministry (MINFAR), and Commander Ernesto Che Guevara, who had his offices in that building, used to listen to the instrumental music after 10 pm given it was then very common, and he used to ask for the Comparsita song of Gerardo Matos Rodríguez and sung by Terry Tuzi. The same source states that while Che was listening to the music, he was also playing chess with the workers in the studio and talking on his country and the 26th July movement.

Shortly after, A meeting was held with the station’s workers in which Joaquín Santana, who was then responsible for both presenting the proposal on calling it as Radio Enciclopedia and its instrumental music, participated.

Approximately after a year, the premises of the radio station was moved to 26 Street in Nuevo Vedado municipality where it was located the Kramer Radio station which was then directed by Armando Acosta. It was from that moment on that Radio Enciclopedia station began broadcasting 24 hours each day with female voices as well as male voices in the early hours.

Some of the announcers who began working with the others from that period included María Cecilia Lima, Rober Martín and Enrique Goizueta. The idea in relation to use female voices began to be phased in given its acceptance by the listeners. Therefore, that design on those female voices was later gelled and has remained until nowadays.

It was in 1973, the station was moved to the N building which was located in N Street, almost in the corner of 23rd Street, in Vedado municipality. It was then carried out significant changes inside the radio station that were already being analyzed since its previous location in 26th Street in relation to the female locution as a decision taken by then Provincial Director of Radio, Manuel Andrés Mazorra and Daniel Marín, who was the director since 1974.

The female commentators from that period were Milagros Flores, Loly Arencibia, Gladys Goizueta, Carmen Liu and others who are still working such as María Cecilia Lima, Caridad Rodríguez, Ileana Sánchez and Mirtha Fernández. The live program included pieces of news on general culture, among other themes of general interest.

Interludio was the station’s first program and was created by Adolfo Pérez Marín, subsequently, there were many others such as Media Hora con su intérprete, Porque la poesía, Concierto de las Diez, among others. It was until the year 1978 that it had live programs given that same year was decided to record all the station’s programs in order to guarantee a highest quality. Besides, it was during that period that the station became the first one with stereophonic sound broadcast to Havana city.

In 1992, Graduate Edelsa Palacio Gordo began working as a director of the station where she continues working as an acting director at present time. It was then since that period onward and based on social studies that the live program was phased in again in order to achieve a better quality and elegant communication with the listener according to Radio Enciclopedia station. Therefore, it was then decided to differentiate the spaces and their contents according to their listeners without affecting the predominant presence of its instrumental music program and were created the programs Al Caer la tarde, La Tarde Contigo, Hola Aurora y Gotas del saber, among others.

In the year 2001, it was created the news department and the Hola Aurora program became a news program and went on live during the month of March of that year as The Orbita Cultural news. Moreover, it was during that period that we our electronic pages were phased in and our webpage was created on April 4th, 2001.

The radio station has been granted diverse prizes at the national radio festivals in the instrumental music, popular Cuban music, science and technology, anniversaries and short advice categories. Another important accolade is the Prensa Latina great prize awarded to the Gotas del Saber program, Sonidos por la vida and to its director Lázaro Sarmiento in the advances in the science and technology category.

In 2003, it is readjusted the station’s programs and it is then decided to extent until Sunday some of the programs with the highest ratings and to eliminate the other programs with a lower one. The radio station currently has 19 programs with different characteristics and purposes which make different the four segments in which the station’s program is structured in the morning, afternoon, night and early hours.

General Director: Luisa Márquez Echeverría
Address: N Building, N Street, Vedado municipality, Havana city.
Zip Code: 10400
Phones: (53- 7) 8361882,8361883
Email: web.renciclopedia@icrt.cu
Radio Enciclopedia Website: www.radioenciclopedia.cu