10th International Pantomime Meeting Havana 2024

10th International Pantomime Meeting Havana 2024

The 10th International Pantomime Meeting Havana 2024, organized by the Teatro del Cuerpo Fusión Company, returns to the Cuban stage from June 17 to 23.

This edition pays homage to Physical Theatre and the legacy of Polish master Henryk Tomaszewski. Following tradition, the Bertolt Brecht Cultural Complex will serve as the venue for this global gathering of pantomine artists.

Featuring 21 guest artists from nine countries—including Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Italy, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Spain, and Poland—the event promises a rich exchange of talent. Among the participants are members of Cuba’s own Theatre of Body Fusion Company, led by Maestra Maritza Acosta Yáñez, and the Mimo Clan group under the leadership of Omar Amador.

Leonor Marchante, a spokesperson for the company, emphasized the event’s significance: «This gathering aims to unite pivotal figures in the global pantomime community, reaffirming the profound value of gestural art.»

Attendees can expect a diverse program featuring conferences, talks, and performances, paying tribute to luminaries in the field and celebrating the honored country. The event culminates in the beloved parade through the streets of Havana.

In addition to pantomime performances, the meeting will showcase the work of visual artist Alexis Gutiérrez Gelabert and offer thematic culinary delights, creating a fusion of Cuban art and culture.

Comprised of talented young artists trained in the company’s pantomime school, the Teatro del Cuerpo Fusión continues to uphold standards of excellence in performance art.

Supported by the Havana Theatre Center and the National Council of Performing Arts, under the Ministry of Culture of Cuba, the event welcomes the public to experience the magic of pantomime through ticketed performances.

Translated by Luis E. Amador Dominguez


Alicia Soto Smith