New novel by Francisco López Sacha to be presented

New novel by Francisco López Sacha to be presented

The novel El más suave de todos los veranos, by renowned Cuban writer Francisco Lopez Sacha, will be presented this Friday, May 12, at the ALBA Cultural House in Havana.

The text, published by Ediciones Cubanas, is set in this season of 1996 and tells a love story whose action takes place from Old Havana to Guanabo.  The common thread is the love affair between an editor at the Cuban Book Institute, a job López Sacha held for a long time, and a nurse. 

The narrator, essayist and art professor, said in an interview with Granma newspaper that the house in Guanabo is the meeting point of a story that involves five or six other characters until it reaches some hypotheses related to themes that have always interested him, such as memory and beauty.

Conceived in the 1990s, in the middle of the Special Period, the novel contains small, very discreet brushstrokes of that period, which he described as stylized, its consequences on tourism, services in dollars, objective difficulties and some other details, such as the change from typographic to digital printing, which López Sacha experienced as director of the magazine Letras Cubanas and editor-in-chief of the narrative. 

However, the focus is on more universal issues, problems of human psychology that seem to him to be more permanent in that time, in this time or in the past, according to the author.

The book aims to penetrate into love relationships without veils, the erotic thinking of the character and their struggle first to catch beauty and later, without realizing it, to fall into the natural trap of love.

Translated by Luis E. Amador Dominguez


Alicia Soto Smith